I am ready and committed to lead our City into a better future – with the Vision, Integrity and Resolve to Succeed!

My Vision: Doing What’s Best for Our City and Creating a Spirit of Cooperation.

Our city needs leadership that brings with it integrity and experience to serve the greater good of our community. To be successful in changing times, we need transparency, accountability, and collaboration.

I am not part of the establishment, I am not a politician. My motivation is two–fold: my overwhelming desire to serve this community and to contribute what I can to create the best Laredo possible – for your children and mine.



 Work to create a culture that is inviting to industry – trade, logistics, manufacturing, retail, banking, and others.

 Eliminate wasteful spending, providing accountability, transparency and efficiency regarding how our taxes are spent. Invest in programs that diversify our local economy, create jobs, train our workforce, and retain local talent.

 Improve our infrastructure – including traffic/transportation and problem drainage areas.

 Collaborate with our law enforcement agencies and associations to improve overall community safety, but especially around schools, neighborhoods, and community venues and events.

 Improve our quality of life by representing the City’s interest as a whole and not follow the unwritten rule “it’s not in my district”.



 Doctor of Jurisprudence (Law Degree) From St. Mary’s University, Cum Laude.

 Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.

 Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice.

 Alternative Teaching Certificate K-12



 Bussiness Owner, Vielma Law Firm, 2006 to Present.

 Chief Felony Prosecutor for Webb and Zapata County District Attorney’s Office.

 Elementary School Teacher at United ISD.

 Mental Health Manager at Border Region MHMR Center.

 Grant Writer for City of Laredo Community Development and Economic Development Departments.



 Current Continuing Legal Education Director and past Officer of the Webb County Bar Association.

 Former Board Member of Casa de Misericordia, Domestic Violence Shelter.

 Legal Aid Liaison and founding coordinator of the “Pro-Bono Social Justice Night Court”.

 Founder and organizer of the Annual Summer Fun Fest for Victims of Crime and At-Risk Youth.

 Board member of “Don’t Give Up!” –A local non-profit organization serving at-risk populations.

 Consulting Attorney for the Regional Mexican Consulate.

 Immigration Attorney for the Catholic Diocese of Laredo.

 ACTS Pioneer for various Parishes since 2001.


EARLY VOTING: October 24, 2016 to November 4, 2016

ELECTION DAY: November 8, 2016

Facebook: @vote4nelly

Twitter: @vote4nelly

Website: www.nellyvielma.com

Contact Number: (956) 229-3101 /229-3095

Email: vote@nellyvielma.com