saving taxes


Assure the City is transparent with openly showing taxpayers how their taxes are spend. I will make that available online, and easy to access for all citizens to review.

During the course of these last three years, I have been attending City Council meetings and I became aware of too many contracts, decisions, change orders, etc. that call for wasteful spending of our hard earned taxes. I have experience writing and managing federal grants and budgets and I know we can do better.

As a Business Owner, I make decisions every day that determine the future success of my law firm. I also advice business owners on best practices to improve and grow. That is how I will approach the issues facing the city, with a business efficiency goal, to reduce wasteful spending.

The discretionary found is also an important issue. Each year my constituents will have transparency about how their taxes are spend, this will be available online.

As your representative, I am resolved to ensure that our taxes are spent in a responsible way, providing transparency and accountability for our decisions in City Council.

–  Nelly Vielma

For Laredo City Council District 5



EARLY VOTING: October 24, 2016 to November 4, 2016

ELECTION DAY: November 8, 2016

Facebook: @vote4nelly

Twitter: @vote4nelly


Contact Number: (956) 229-3101 /229-3095