As a mother of five I know it is of prime importance to ensure that our family’s health is a priority.


It all starts with education and prevention.  We need to provide more information to our community regarding nutrition, fitness, illnesses, immunizations, etc.  We can disseminate this information by fostering a network of providers with the school districts, city clinics, recreation centers, etc.    In addition, the City’s recreational centers can become a hub for families to access these resources.


Our community is affected by diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and related illnesses.  Many of these illnesses can be prevented and controlled with proper education, nutrition, physical activity and intervention.  We must start with our little ones to help them understand and practice these most needed habits to avoid long term illnesses.


If you work in the health and fitness field, your input and collaboration will be an asset to improve the programs the city currently provides.


–  Nelly Vielma

For Laredo City Council District 5


EARLY VOTING: October 24, 2016 to November 4, 2016

ELECTION DAY: November 8, 2016

Facebook: @vote4nelly

Twitter: @vote4nelly


Contact Number: (956) 229-3101 /229-3095