saving taxes

TRANSPARENCY: Assure the City is transparent with openly showing taxpayers how their taxes are spend. I will make that available online, and easy to access for all citizens to review. During the course of these last three years, I have been attending City Council meetings and I became aware of too many contracts, decisions, change orders, etc. that call for …

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As a mother of five I know it is of prime importance to ensure that our family’s health is a priority.   It all starts with education and prevention.  We need to provide more information to our community regarding nutrition, fitness, illnesses, immunizations, etc.  We can disseminate this information by fostering a network of providers with the school districts, city …

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As a former Felony Chief Prosecutor for the Webb and Zapata County, I will work very closely with law enforcement and prosecuting entities to lower our crime rate, improve security and work on prevention programs, we must work with Neighborhood Watch Associations to be proactive in reporting suspicious activities. I have experience working in collaboration with local, state and federal law enforcement …

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EMPLOYMENT: Work with federal authorities to improve our infrastructure and waiting times at the bridge to avoid businesses choosing other ports such as McAllen, Brownsville and Eagle Pass, which is currently happening due to various factors. We must work harder to assure this happen as soon as possible! Our city is strategically placed in a geographical area that has many …

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